• Ben and Christine_Baguio Wedding Photographer_BeanScoop Photography4621

    Ben and Christine Engagement | Baguio Photographer | BeanScoop Studios

    Love on duty. This is how Ben and Christine’s 5 year romance blossomed and flourished. Both in the service of the country under Air Force...

  • Lorenzo and Melissa_Baguio Wedding Photographer_BeanScoop Photography5049

    Lorenzo and Melissa | BeanScoop Studios | Ilocos Wedding Photographer

    Makeup: Arche Navalta

  • Ron and Jen_Antipolo Wedding Photographer_BeanScoop Photography 65

    Ron + Jen Engagement | Antipolo Wedding Photographer

    Ron + Jen – A love that started in Manila, Philippines and blossomed in Singapore. And where else will this lovebirds choose to tie the...

  • Mirdad+Fe_Baguio Wedding Photographer_BeanScoop Photography 1

    Mirdad + Fe Engagement| BeanScoop Studios | Tarlac Wedding Photographer

    Mirdad + Fe Engagement | Tarlac Wedding Photographer Location: Luisita Golf and Country Club Hair and Makeup: Karissa Jotic Coordinator: Michelle Villamayor

  • Erick and Joy Engagement_Baguio Wedding Photographer_BeanScoop Photography45

    Erick and Joy Engagement | Baguio Photographer

    Styling by: Hip Events Baguio Make up by: Eileen and Arche

  • PJ and Shayne Engagement | Baguio Photographer

    PJ and Shayne Engagement | Baguio Photographer Make-up and Hair: Archie Vergara and Dianne Joie Alcantara Venue: Wright Park and Kennon And PJ saw her—...