Baguio Photographer

Baguio photographer and baguio photobooth, beanscoop photos, events and souvenirs offers the very best of baguio event photography and photobooth.
Do you have an event in Baguio? Just who will be your baguio photographer and photobooth provider?

Take note of these items:


Upon selecting a baguio photographer and baguio photobooth on your special event, you are just hiring more than just a photographer or a photobooth provider on that day. You will need a person and a team that will be with the whole day of your awesome event. Personality should not be overlooked and not be discounted in any way possible.
Your selected baguio photographer and baguio photobooth provider will set the tone for your whole event and party. They can impact your wedding, debut, birthday party or just any event set.


Price is still a factor upon selecting you baguio photographer and baguio photobooth, but it should not be the only thing that matters. We hear bad stories and nightmares from most people who made their decision for their event based purely on price. And they regret to have done that in the first place. After all your event is over, the only thing that you will have is photos coming from your beautiful event.


A baguio photography coverage normally starts with 2 photographers based in baguio that can record every detail of your special event. They must also have personal assistants that could make them shoot flawlessly.
This will also be the same for our baguio photobooth service. The package will always start with 2 persons assisting your event. We prefer entertaining them and not just shooting and printing their faces on the photobooth. We want to make you and your guest make your photobooth experience memorable.


A photographer has different skills and will provide different output from other photographer. With this, a baguio photographer and baguio photobooth must also be flexible depending on the location of the client that needed their art and service.